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Thursday, July 30, 2015
Stamp Out Sadness: Spay/Neuter
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Meade Canine Rescue Foundation is proud to be a Partner for Pets! BISSELL and have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise money, and now you can help too!   When you purchase pet products on and enter the code ADOPT at checkout, a portion of your purchase will be donated to our organization!  

     Charlotte and her friends taking a walk up the hill at the Rescue and just hanging out.  Come on out and see our adoptable friends!!

Okay folks.  MCR is still active in CT.  We have three foster homes who take in all age adoptable dogs from CT dog pounds and New York City Animal Care and Control.  We remain New Hope members in good standing with New York City.  All the Connecticut dogs are viewable on our Petfinder site under MCR East.  Jan is located in Bethlehem, Amy in Sharon, and Cathy in Winsted.  THey also are the recipients of our CA dogs when we are able to send them east.  We hold an import license with the Department of Agriculture to bring dogs into the state.
AND RIGHT NOW WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT FOR A FAMILY OF SIX.  On February 25th Cathy Pathe rescued 6 dogs in bad condition from a bad situation on the streets of Waterbury.  Two are mother dogs, undernourished and in need of TLC.  WIth them were 4 pups - two female and 2 males -who are 6 weeks old also in bad condition.   They all need to be spayed and neutered and WE ARE ASKING FOR DONATIONS to help with the cost spaying and neutering these 6 dogs.  Paypal and designate Waterbury pups.  Because they were not impounded they do not qualify for the state vouchers.  We will use low cost clinics but the cost will still be substantial.
 We also need adopters.  Their breed is supposedly  Peke/Lab.  The mothers are approximately 20 pounds and once healthy no more than 25 pounds. 
Jan currently has a shihtzu, male approximately 4 years old.  Amy also has a 90 ppound Pit mix and Cathy has several smaller dogs who are up for adoption.  We never have as many dogs in CT because there aren't as many as there are in CA who are in danger but we have dogs and continue the work Charlotte started in CT years ago!
As a rescue dedicated to hoping some day there are fewer dogs and cats in the world, media events that focus on breeders and show dogs are not usually on our radar.   But before involvement in the world of dogs, rescue or otherwise, Charlotte has fond memories of hanging out at the Hotel Pennsylvania watching Westminster dogs and owners prepping for show time.
2015 saw a Beagle take the trophy and we were happy.  We love Beagles.  Happy too for small favors: 
1) That the judge called it like it was - to paraphrase, 'she was a dog as perfect in the ring as it looked like she would be in the field', where MCR hopes all overly domesticated Beagles go when they big heavenly bunny fields.  And
 2) that a Beagle won and not a hard to pronounce dog rarely found in pounds or on Petfinder and Adoptapet.
So what do we hope comes of this years Westminster?   That people search Petfinder and their local pounds and shelters for BEAGLES - there are plenty who need rehomed!  (And they are great Senior pets).
If you can't adopt PLEASE chose a favorite and SPONSOR!!  A small donation a month goes a long way and we will keep you up to date on YOUR dog!
LIVES SAVED!  January 2015 - MCR was alerted to some 20 local dogs in danger, left on a property when their owner became unable to care for them.  Non socialized, the dogs were in danger of an uncertain future.  And unfortunately for them, they were Beagles and Hounds, not always everyone's favorite.  But MCR stepped up, tracked down the family and asked for the dogs - all of them!  Writer (The Beagle Lived and So Did I) and Beagle advocate, Teresa Rhyne stepped up when Charlotte reached out to her.  The dogs arrived in 3 truckloads and within hours headed to Priceless Pets Rescue in CA.  MCR kept 3 of the least socialized to rehab them and find them loving homes.  They are sadly cautious of human touch and glances.  None was spayed or neutered. 
Surgeries on the 3 at MCR are as follows: 1 had 8 teeth removed and was spayed on the 14th, 1 currently in heat awaits tumor removal and spay and the 3rd is scheduled for a spay. Donations can be made on their behalf and are greatly appreciated. Only one seems even near adoptability and 2 are in great need of rehabilitation which they will receive with volunteers at the ranch. MCR was able to give $900 to Priceless Pets for taking 16 dogs but that only goes so far. They too will appreciate donations to further cover spays, neuters, shots, microchips etc. Because most were older and special needs dogs, we know how much longer it can take to find the right homes or ask for adoption fees that even come close to covering the vet care.